Custom Land Rover

Learning how to work round problems...

Here at the Ministry of Defender we are on a mission: To improve and adapt the Land Rover Defender interior, upholding the true spirit of the original Land Rovers whilst incorporating creative design elements that make them more relevant to the modern driver. It's about preserving history for the future.

The Ministry of Defender business is the brainchild of Jonathan Bowman. A farmer's son from Yorkshire who, as a toddler, was often found sitting on the bonnet of his dad's Series 2 Land Rover as it drove across the fields. Health & Safety was somewhat different in the 1970s...!

Farming is a constant challenge; if the combine is broken down and the forecast is heavy rain, then you find a way to get it going again by whatever means possible. You learn how to work round problems.

2016, and new problems to work round...

Jump to 2016 and we're in the workshop trying to fit a genuine Tdci dash into a 1988 Defender. Progress is slow and it becomes a minefield of electronics and technical issues. We knew that many people had already given up due to the complexity of fitting a digital dashboard into what is basically an analogue car.

But we also knew that many Defender owners really wanted a Tdci dashboard; whether it was analogue or digital didn't really matter. The solution then became clear: Make an analogue version of the Tdci Dashboard. So our own Puma Dashboard™ conversion was designed... and Ministry of Defender was born.

We also manufacture and supply a fully integrated air conditioning and heating system, designed exclusively for the Defender and suitable for all models with or without our Puma Dashboard™ conversion.

Defender Interior Upgrade

Custom Land Rover