Defender Air Conditioning

Land Rover Defender Air Conditioning

Installing an air conditioning system to your Defender will deliver many benefits. Cooling is the main reason to fit AC, but a quality integrated system does more than just keep you cool in the summer. A good ventilation system can make for a healthier and more comfortable driving environment in the winter too.

The traditional way to add AC to a Defender is to fit an underslung dashboard unit, where you have an internal AC system and a separate heater box mounted in the engine bay. However, in this arrangement, the air conditioner is clearly unable to ‘condition’ air that passes through the heater box. So while AC air is dry, heater air is moist. So the screen fogs up and the interior feels damp.

Most modern climate control systems use dual core technology, where the AC and heater cores sit inside the same unit. Combining the two together means that you can dehumidify moist air in the winter months. This leads to less screen misting and a more comfortable interior environment for the occupants. High humidity lets bacteria flourish in the air ducting allowing mould and fungus to develop.

That's why, when developing our own integrated AC system for the Defender, we didn't want to just manufacture another underslung unit that places the AC and heater elements in two separate places. We wanted to combine heat and AC into one unit, running on one set of controls.

So now you can run AC and heat together to dehumidify, making our unit unique to the Defender scene. It's a real game changer. Plus the big extra bonus is that by adding our integrated AC system to your Defender you are also upgrading your heater in with the deal!

Better heating, a more powerful three speed blower and a fully integrated AC system that doesn’t impact on legroom!! All that for a lower price than just adding a traditional underslung AC system.

Although designed for our Puma Dashboard™ upgrade, our 319 AC/Heater system can be retro fitted to any Defender up to 2006. Professional / experienced fitting is required.

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Defender Air Conditioning

Defender Air Conditioning