Land Rover Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Parts

If you don't need the complete Air Conditioning system for your Defender, we can supply individual parts to help you with your install. If you are converting an old style underslung AC system then you will already have most of the components fitted. We can help you select the right additional parts so that your new integrated AC system runs efficiently. If you are not sure which parts you need, just drop us a line.



Combination Heat / AC Unit

If you have one of the older style underslung air conditioning kits on your Defender and you want to upgrade to a fully integrated ventilation system then our 319 HVAC unit is all you need.

Our unique unit provides you with a superior heater, combined with high output air conditioning in one. Compact, yet powerful, the unit is mounted unobtrusively in the engine bay so as not to impede interior legroom, whilst giving much lower noise levels. The powerful 3-speed fan gives superior air flow to the occupants, whilst having AC and Heat together allows you to dehumidify moist air in the winter, thus reducing screen fogging. Supplied with all dashboard controls and fitting instructions.

It's not just about adding AC. It's about creating a modern ventilation system for your Defender.

13000btu AC/Heater Unit
Modern R-134a Refrigerant Based System
3 Speed High Output (319cfm) Centrifugal Blower
Electric Water Control Heater Valve
Integrated Dashboard Control Panel (OEM Dash)
Adjustable Thermostat for Winter/Summer Settings
Comes with Electrical Wiring and Connectors
Unique Design. Built in the UK
#6 and #10 O-Ring Connections

This is not a complete kit, you will require a Condenser radiator,
a Compressor, a Receiver/Dryer Bottle, Binary or Trinary Switch, Hoses etc.

Price : £ 1325.00






Land Rover Air Conditioning
Land Rover Air Conditioning

PUMA-CR1824 Condenser Radiator

Large Capacity Condenser Radiator.

Large surface area of 593mm x 304mm (approx) but with a slim construction. This condenser is a perfect retrofit product for the Land Rover Defender but uses universal 0-Ring connections rather than specific Land Rover PAD fittings for easier and more cost effective replacement.

Our radiators are manufactured out of lightweight aluminium and are fully pressure tested before leaving the factory. From September 2020 all of our condenser radiators will have pre-fitted cooling fans.

Price : £ 195.00 (Cooling fan included)

Land Rover Air Conditioning

PUMA-SD7H15 Compressors

Genuine Sanden Compressors

Sanden are the manufacturer of choice for our compressors as quality and reliability are the number one requirements. Sanden are the leaders in their field and we wouldn't recommend any other brand.

Models have universal fittings designed to work with our own engine mounts as shown below. You will need the correct engine mount and drive belt for your model. Supplied with either Type 'A' - Double V pulley or Poly-V 8 Groove for different drive belts. Please double check belt type prior to ordering.

Suction Fitting 7/8-14 UNF, Discharge Fitting 3/4-16 UNF
Compressor Oil 135cc of SP-10 or Equiv. Warranty 12 Months

Price : £ 295.00

Land Rover Air Conditioning

PUMA-DB319PS Drier Bottle and Pressure Switch

Upright Receiver/Drier Bottle, Pressure Switch & Clamp

The receiver/drier bottle is required to filter the refrigerant and act as temporary storage for when the system is running at low demand. The bottle contains a desiccant to absorb moisture. Excess moisture can cause damage to the compressor through corrosion or oil degradation.

Sold with its own mounting clamp, the bottles come pre-sealed to prevent moisture ingress, please do not remove the caps until you are ready to connect the hoses and charge the system.

The trinary pressure switch is a safety device that will engage or disengage components within the Air Conditioning system to prevent self-destruction.

Price : £ 79.50

Land Rover Air Conditioning

PUMA-PF6810 Universal Pipe Fittings

134a Barb Fitting Hose Kit

This large wall barrier type hose is for use with 134a Refrigerants, and includes adequate hose length to connect most complete systems. We recommend rubber hose over aluminium pipe as the large bore rubber hose will not corrode, is fully flexible to allow and easier install and has excellent wear resistance.

6ft. of #6 Hose, 4ft. of #8 Hose, 5ft. of #10 Hose
#8 Crimp Fitting 135 Degree w/ Service Port (x1), #10 Crimp Fitting 135 Degree w/ Service Port (x1)
#6 Crimp Fitting Straight (x1), #10 Crimp Fitting Straight (x1)
#6 Crimp Fitting 45 Degree (x2), #8 Crimp Fitting 45 Degree (x1)
#6 Crimp Fitting 90 Degree (x3), #10 Crimp Fitting 90 Degree (x2)

Supplied with all O-Rings and test dye, this kit contains enough components to build up a new air conditioning system on your Defender. Professional install recommended. Crimping tools required.

Price : £ 250.00


Land Rover Air Conditioning

PUMA-DCM2/300 (ERR4638)

Our 200 and 300 mount kits have been developed by Puma Automotive for standard universal lug fit compressors. These mounts are not suitable for the more expensive Genuine Denso Compressors.

Compressor Mount Kit for 200tdi Defender Engine - £ 195.00
Includes mount, bolts and V drive belt for the Defender 200tdi (Not Discovery)

Compressor Mount Kit for 300tdi Defender Engine - £ 155.00
Includes mount, bolts and 4PK drive belt for the Defender 300tdi (Alternative to ERR4638)

Defender Interior Upgrade

Land Rover Air Conditioning