Custom Land Rover

Fancy a Brand New Defender 300?

Just because the Land Rover factory in Solihull has stopped making the Defender doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a brand new one. Here in Lincoln we can custom build you a Defender from scratch using brand new and reconditioned parts and have it out on the road on a 16 plate within a matter of weeks. The process is quite simple: Building a brand new Defender from parts is exactly the same as having to conduct a nuts and bolts rebuild on an old Defender. In fact, it’s easier in many ways as we don’t have to spend time stripping down an old model!

Everything is ordered in brand new and the build starts straight away. We begin with a brand new galvanised chassis as the base and go from there. Reconditioned axles are used, including new brake discs and callipers, which are then attached to the chassis with all new suspension parts.

We use fully reconditioned 300tdi engines and R380 5-speed manual gearboxes on these new-builds because we think that they offer the best blend of Land Rover values - reliability and simplicity.

Defender Interior Upgrade

Custom Land Rover

All the ancillary parts are brand new, including the fuel tank, exhaust system, radiator and steering pump. Once these main components are in place we can build the body around it, using a new bulkhead, new body panels, new doors, new glass, new electrics. In fact, it’s all pretty much brand new from here on in. We can match the interior trim and exterior paint to your exact specifications and then once it’s all done, we nip down to the DVLA and register it as a new car. You get a brand new Defender without having to compromise on any detail of the build. It will be exactly as you desire.

The last Land Rover Defenders rolled off the production line in early 2016 and we are already seeing inflated prices being asked for them. It looks like the Defender is already well established as a desired classic, so finding the exact one you want is going to be tricky.

Our new-build option puts you in control of the process and guarantees you a brand new Defender constructed to your own exacting specifications.