Puma Dashboard fitted

Pricing Structures for Puma Dashboard Conversions

As with all bespoke vehicle conversions, the amount of money you have to invest will ultimately depend on your own individual requirements. Having your own bespoke Dashboard is a very personal matter.

The vast majority of our enquiries tend to come from people who wish to purchase a dashboard or AC system for DIY or local garage install. However, from time to time we do receive requests for a fully fitted service and we try to accommodate this where possible.

For an install on the dash you should budget for 35-40 hours, depending on knowledge and experience. Our video (click below) explains the process from start to finish. The only tricky, or time consuming aspect is the rewiring of the existing switches from the original to the new Carling Contura V supplied.

As a guide, we would usually charge around £2200.00 + VAT for the installation of the dash.

The Defender AC/Heater install is more straightforward as it is a universal system. This should take no more than 15 hrs from start to finish if you are handling it yourself, or we can install for £950.00 + VAT, which includes nitrogen pressure testing and the correct R134a gas charge.

Please contact us to check availability of our fitting service.

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Puma Dashboard fitted