Rear Seat Air Con

Plumbing in Hot and Cold Air to the Rear Seats of a Defender

Available for all Defenders Models

One of the biggest headaches in cooling the interior of a Defender is poor circulation of air to the rear cabin area rear, especially so in the longer wheelbase models. Getting the cool air to circulate into the rear cabin is something that makes a massive difference to the overall cabin environment.

In response to requests from our valued customers, we developed a retro fitted rear air ducting kit that can be incorporated into the overall ventilation system when installing AC alongside our Puma Dashboard conversion.

The rear system incorporates an NAS style center console which has an integrated co-axial fan to draw air from the front to the rear. The air flow is controlled from the back by the rear passengers. Air output can be adjusted using a variable speed blower control.

Please note that due to space issues for the air ducting, this rear flow kit is only currently available to Land Rover Defenders with automatic transmissions.

Our rear system is primarily suited to long wheel base models, or for Defender 90 models where the rear bulkhead has been removed.

From £655.00 + VAT

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Defender Rear Air Con