Land Rover Heater Upgrade

Upgrading the Defender Heater

Our Unique System adds AC and Boosts the Heater

Buying our 319 dual core system means that you will be able to run AC and heat together to dehumidify, making our unit unique to the Defender scene. It's a real game changer. Plus the big extra bonus is that by adding our integrated AC system to your Defender you are also upgrading your heater in with the deal!

At Puma we have designed a fully integrated system, where the AC and heater cores sit inside the same unit. Combining the two together means that you can dehumidify moist air in the winter months. This leads to less screen misting and a more comfortable interior environment for the occupants. Also, by lowering the humidity levels in the ducting, thus reducing the bacteria that encourage mould and fungus to develop.

What's more, our heater provides correct air recirculation. Land Rover Defenders usually draw air into the heater box from a vent mounted on the front wing. Therefore, it is always trying to heat external air. The outside temperature is variable but the heater strength is constant. The power output of a standard Defender heater therefore drops as the weather gets colder, which is counter-productive. By recirculating, and thus reheating the same air, you can gain compounded increases to make the interior much warmer than the outside, which is the whole point of having a heater.

So now you can have better heating, compounded recirculation, a more powerful three speed blower and a fully integrated AC system that doesn't impact on legroom!! All that for a lower price than just adding a traditional underslung AC system.

Although designed for our Puma Dashboard™ upgrade, our 319 AC/Heater system can be retro fitted to any Defender up to 2006.


✔ Combination AC/Heater core giving year round climate control
✔ Quieter operation and no loss of legroom as all parts are in the engine bay
✔ Unique design allows the driver to dehumidify the cabin air
✔ Recirculating air provides compounded heat, even on the coldest days
✔ Smooth 'Factory Fit' integration with your existing Dashboard
✔ Wide choice of vehicle-specific mounting kits
✔ Fast and easy installation

Download the 319 HVAC Installation Instructions
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