Custom Land Rover

Sound Proofing & Carpeting with Custom Interior Finish

Our aim in upgrading the inadequate Land Rover interior, was that we wanted people to sit inside a ‘Fusion’ Defender and feel at home. A massive part of feeling comfortable and relaxed in a car comes from the way the internal elements are packaged, in terms of the soundproofing, carpets and interior trim levels. We didn’t want to ‘pimp’ the Landy like so many other aftermarket companies do. We’re not into hand stitched leather and embroidered seats. We just wanted to give it an interior appropriate for today’s world, but one that felt very personal to the owner.

As you can see from the photographs, we pay great attention to the details, with a choice of upholstery materials available to truly create a bespoke feel. Our current demonstrator has a camouflage theme, which is very much on-trend, but also lends itself well to Land Rover’s historical military links.

The ultimate choice is yours. This is where we like to get to know our clients so that we can build an interior that reflects the owner’s personality. Our ultimate goal is that you sit in your converted Defender and feel as though you are exactly where you want to be. Almost as an extension of yourself.

Personalised refit including soundproofing, carpets, all door cards & dash: £750.00

Custom Land Rover