Custom Land Rover

Defender Forward Facing Rear Seats

Incorporating the rear seats was certainly a challenge in terms of design and safety, but the end result really transforms the Defender interior. From the pictures on this page, you can see that we fabricate two small frames that sits on each side of the rear wheel arches. These are securely bolted into place and support the two new forward facing rear seats which, unlike in other modifications, are then permanently fixed into place.

We did look at having some fold away rear seats, but we weren’t convinced about them. We decided it was better to build the rear seats into the structure of the rear tub, so that they were safe and secure. We wanted them to look and feel as if they were originally designed as part of the car, not as an afterthought.

Forward facing rear seat conversion (including 4 new seats & seat belts): From £1980.00

Note: Price dependant on choice of seats. Price includes rear bulkhead removal.

Custom Land Rover