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‘Fusion’ Interior Conversion

OK, here’s where, as a driver or a passenger, you begin to feel a massive difference. To complete the ‘Fusion’ modernisation, we knew that we simply had to make a fundamental alteration to the Defender by changing the original side-facing bench seat layout in the back to a more contemporary forward facing arrangement. This was absolutely necessary and a huge undertaking but we couldn’t accept the bench seats, and it wouldn’t have been fair to expect our customers to put up with them.

If you’ve ever sat in the back of a Defender 90 for any distance, then you will understand the need for the layout to be changed. You can put up with it for a few miles, but the novelty soon wears thin after you’ve smacked your head on the roof joint three times and you start to feel sick very time you go round a corner. Back in 1948 it may well have been viewed as a pleasant way to travel, but in 2016 it’s simply not acceptable.

For our ‘Fusion’ Defender to be taken seriously as a modern family car, it had to be made quieter and have a new dashboard to give it a modern car feel. These were all viewed as essential modifications that we simply had to get right. In the end our vision came together beautifully and gives our ‘Fusion’ Defenders the correctly balanced interior. It really opens up the Defender to a whole new world.

As with the exterior conversion, there are four key elements to the interior upgrade; removing the rear bulkhead, the installation of forward facing rear seats, a proper soundproofing and trim upgrade and the Puma dash conversion. These individual stages can be incorporated separately or all at the same time depending on your own requirements and budget.

Custom Land Rover