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Ministry of Defender

Welcome to the Ministry of Defender and to what we believe to be the best value interior upgrade for the Land Rover Defender: The Puma Dashboard™. A fused mix of modern comforts and time-honoured values.

Converting an older model Defender to the new style Puma Dashboard is now a simple procedure without having to worry about the bulkhead, the electrics, the instruments or even buying new heater controls.

By retaining all of the functional items from the old dashboard, we've simplified every aspect of the swap.

For us, it was always about understanding what the old Defender needs in terms of practicality, value for money and style and then just making the interior the best it can be in the modern world.

So if you are one of the many people who have always wanted to own a Land Rover Defender, but never quite saw them as a realistic alternative to a modern car, then we ask you to think again.

With a Puma Dashboard conversion, your Defender can become the very embodiment of tough, uncompromising coolness. It’s the imagination, creativity and value for money that make our interiors stand out as being unique and will change your perceptions on what is possible.

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Custom Land Rover