Custom Land Rover

Discovery Air-2-Coil Suspension

We’re called the Ministry of Defender for one reason: We specialise in all things to do with the Land Rover Defender. However, we are all part of the same family, so from time to time we are asked to help out our brother, the Discovery. The number one issue that our younger brother seems to have is with its rear air-suspension, which tend to fail on a regular basis. Land Rover recommends that the air bags be replaced every 5 years, so the cost can really mount up over time.

We help him out by retro-fitting a coil suspension kit in place of the unpredictable air bags.

Adding rear coils makes perfect sense and saves about 60% on replacing the air bags. New coils will usually last longer than air bags and, as the front of the discovery is on coils anyway, it gives a good balance and is not detrimental to the overall ride quality.

Discovery Air-2-Coil Conversion (fitted) : £295.00

Note: When converting models from rear air suspension to coil springs please see the relevant vehicle type approval for your model and that it will still meet this approval with coil springs fitted.

Custom Land Rover