Custom Land Rover

Rear Axle ‘Drum2Disc’ Brake Conversion

When it comes to brakes, drums are a bit of a dinosaur, but due to their simplicity and low manufacturing cost, they were used by Land Rover for some time. The early model Defenders were fitted with rear drum brakes, but were later replaced with discs due to their increased performance. Discs have more stopping power, better heat dissipation and are completely self-adjusting. Inspecting them for wear is easier and replacing worn pads becomes an easy DIY job.

Converting your Defender to rear discs is a worthwhile investment and is one of the key elements to address when upgrading an older Land Rover for today’s world.

‘Drum2Disc’ conversion, using brand new discs, callipers, pads, shields and brake lines.

Fitted: £895.00

Custom Land Rover